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Sales Representative

Are you looking for a change of lifestyle? Sick of the daily grind in the city? 

The town of Dargaville, on Northland’s west coast offers ample sunshine, forest, lakes, beaches, fine fishing and a relaxed, stress-free environment. With modern education and shopping amenities, accompanied by an amazing total health care facility, the town of Dargaville has the same appeal which Albany or Whitford once possessed, before being subsumed into the mass of Auckland. 

Many people would love to live here, where housing is affordable, surf and sand accessible and sunshine hours amongst the highest in the country. All that holds them back is finding that perfect job...

Well we have just the thing! 

Our professional and expanding media company requires the skills of a telephone sales representative who can confidently help our clients access more effective advertising and marketing. 

Our wide range of rural publications cover the majority of New Zealand, and we need someone to bridge the gap between our advertisers and our tens of thousands of readers. 

If you are the right person for the job, we offer you the chance to escape from traffic, stress, congestion and noise, and live near white sand beaches, rolling hills, kauri forests and pristine lakes. 

If you have no experience, but abound with passion and enthusiasm we are more than happy to train you.

Ready to make the change?

Apply now by emailing your CV to