Full Media Marketing Services

NSMM is proud to offer much more than simple advertising in our fleet of newspapers, effective as that is. We understand the needs of our rural community clients which more often than not includes working with them to plan and implement the most effective marketing tactics.

Print Publications

Each of our publications offers a range of advertising, advertorial and, if the story is right, editorial opportunities to community and businesses wanting to reach the local community.

Kaipara Lifestyler: This weekly community newspaper has a distribution of 10,000 delivered to every home in the Kaipara district, from Wellsford to Dargaville.

Northern Farming Lifestyles: This monthly tabloid newspaper has a distribution of 33,797 delivered free to every rural delivery address from the Auckland Harbour Bridge to Cape Reinga.

Waikato Farming Lifestyles: This monthly tabloid newspaper has a distribution of 29,618 delivered free to rural delivery addresses throughout the Waikato region.

Taranaki Farming Lifestyles: This monthly tabloid newspaper has a distribution of 9,591 delivered free to every rural delivery address in the Taranaki region.

Manawatu Farming Lifestyles: This monthly tabloid newspaper has a distribution of 14,680 delivered free to every rural delivery address in the Manawatu region.

Canterbury Farming: This monthly tabloid newspaper has a distribution of 30,287 delivered free to every rural delivery address in the Canterbury and West Coast regions.

Digital Marketing Services

As a media organisation with a wide range of print and digital media solutions, NSMM is well placed to assist our advertising clients to significantly enhance the effectiveness and reach of promotional and marketing activities using a range of digital and third party media.

Creative campaign development

To optimised the effectiveness of marketing budget it can be helpful to gather activities around a unique campaign concept. This can help to raise awareness over the level of background activity that can be achieved with ongoing activities. We can assist with the development of creative campaign ideas.

Editorial development

  • NSMM can assist with creating a schedule of potential story angles.
  • These can be written up for submission to our own or and/or third party publications.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a key tenet of any digital marketing strategy. It allows you to turn website visitors into customers, and persuade customers to become repeat customers and to refer their contacts to the business. Our services include strategy, template design, copywriting and layup and campaign management, testing and reporting.

Piggyback Email Marketing

In some situations it is also helpful to approach key players who have databases that are relevant to your target market. Email advertising can be placed in their email newsletters alerting recipients to the consultation process.

Facebook Presence

Facebook marketing is a valuable way to extend the reach of a website with the option to update regularly with articles, announcements and event notifications. We can assist with extending the reach of your presence to drive awareness of the organisation through the use of pages and interactive apps.

Online Advertising

Online advertising allows you to be highly targeted in terms of who sees your message and how often. It can also be a very cost-effective method of communicating the message. We can assist with online advertising on either our own publications, third party publications and within Facebook and Google.

Search Engine Optimisation

One of the best methods of generating traffic to a website is to optimize the site well for search engine traffic. This can be done structurally in terms of how the site is actually built to make it easy for search engines to access the page and index the site appropriately. But content on the site is also very important. Content should be relevant, keyword rich and updated regularly to get the best results. Finally developing a network of inbound links from high trafficked websites back into your site is also effective for increasing what is known as “page rank” – a form of reputation that persuades search engines to prioritise your site.

YouTube Channel

A YouTube Channel may also be helpful both in terms of getting your message seen and heard but also in terms of generating better search engine ranking. These videos can also be embedded into your website with no hosting costs as a YouTube channel is free. Video and the keywords placed with it is an increasingly important factor in search engine optimisation as well as creating a richer, more engaging user experience on the website.  We can assist with setting up a YouTube channel right through to video production.